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Who makes the seat with the Flame stitching?

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Seen a few on here, but can't find them back. I would appreciate some pics, links and feedback on how you like them. Thanks!
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These are made by Parts unlimited, I have the solo & wide pillion on. The backrest pad is the vintage Mustang.. Like em so far.... still brand new... need to put some miles on em to break em in ... but way better than stock!


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The corbin seat I have also has a tribal like flame stitching. By far the best money I have spent on the bike!


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Thanks guys!
Do either of you feel like you are being pushed forward with those seats?
The main difference that I can feel is height. The corbin feels taller than stock. It might move you forward a little bit, but it's not really noticeable.
On my PU seat... I sit up straighter - due to more back support... and it is wider in the seat so your stance is a bit further out when at a stop. I don't feel like it's taller and i definitely havn't moved up either.
I just got the Parts Unlimited seat. I have the 2 up touring seat. I put 2300 miles on in 5 days shortly after installing it. Its a Great seat. I did start to get sore after about 1300 miles, but that's probably got very little to do with the seat and more to do with the stryker in general. I'm 6'4 and I didn't notice any difference in riding position with the PU seat over the stock seat.
Also, I've got a short cobra backrest as well. They fit fine together. I've heard that some back rests do not fit with the touring cobra seat....some one chime in if this is not correct.
Corbin Seat

I can't really tell a noticable difference in riding positions. 6 Ft tall/240Lbs I have the Corbin Gunfighter with Large Back Rest.

About Corbin:

Excellent customer service: They made sure I was happy with my seat and worked with my needs. Different Stitching/Blacked out Label/

Fast Shipping/Good Turn around. I told them I was making a cross country trip, and I had my seat in two weeks.

This is the best money I have spent on the bike by far.
Then Corbin Gunslinger is the way to go. Did the drive-in option in Hollister CA. you get to ride it before they cover it in case you want to adjust the fit.

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