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Who often do you change the belt?

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I replaced my 06 Suzuki S50 with a brand new 2012 Stryker yesterday. I rode to home from the dealership and I loved the Stryker.

I read the manual and I was surprized that it is recommended to change the drive belt every 2500 miles (4000km), also I was shock to know that the belt price is minimum $500.:(

I am not a handy guy, and with my current conservative mileage, I would be changing the belt every two years at a cost $800 approx. !!

Who often do you change the belt?


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You can find new belts for around $190 all day long at various online retailers. As for changing your belt, you just misread the manual, 2500 miles is for inspecting it. You replace the belt only if damaged or stretched too much to achieve proper tension.
I have actually never heard of someone having to change a belt =) You do need to check it tho, and if that bike is brand new, expect to need to adjust it in 600 miles or so for the first time. My bike and toby's bike both needed the belts adjusted after the first few hundred miles because it's brand new, and stretches a little with normal use and break in. Once past that point, we check it, or have it checked every time we change the oil =) (tho toby gives it a glance as it were every time we ride)
Typically belts get replaced between 25,000 and 35,000. The material begins to breakdown naturally and can lead to failure. My buddy just replaced his at 28k due do some cracking he discovered. Just be mindful of them, life span varies greatly. Just be glad you don't have chain for final drive. Expensive and hard to maintain.
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