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Who often do you change the belt?

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I replaced my 06 Suzuki S50 with a brand new 2012 Stryker yesterday. I rode to home from the dealership and I loved the Stryker.

I read the manual and I was surprized that it is recommended to change the drive belt every 2500 miles (4000km), also I was shock to know that the belt price is minimum $500.:(

I am not a handy guy, and with my current conservative mileage, I would be changing the belt every two years at a cost $800 approx. !!

Who often do you change the belt?


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As for changing your belt, you just misread the manual, 2500 miles is for inspecting it. You replace the belt only if damaged or stretched too much to achieve proper tension.
+1 I have over 17,000 miles on mine and the belt is perfect

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