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..So I'm riding on the parkway at about 1:30 AM crusin' into work at about 85-90 mph (I'm the only idiot on the road at that time on a weekday so I like to push it into the triples sometimes) when I go to adjust my left mirror and all of a sudden it becomes loose and starts twirlin' like a mutha while I'm at about 90mph. Scared the livin crap outta me and I try my hardest to at least tighten it as there is NOWHERE to stop the bike and it's pitch black.... finally get to my exit and tighten it but it's nowhere near the way I need it..Oh well I'll fix it when I get to work as we have metric wrenches for our machines. I get to the next light and decided to make sure my bag carrying my lunch and Cell phone is still safe inside the cargo net......NOPE! GONE! In all my years of riding, I've never lost anything out of my bungee net and now I'm freakin' as I can't go back on a one way parkway in the pitch black to look for my phone and lunch...For some reason, this is one of the very few times I didn't put my wallet and house, store, car keys in the bag in the bungee net... WHEW! That would've really ruined my day!

Suffice to say when I got to work and the sun came up I went out and noticed that both nuts on both mirrors were seriously loose...Glad I fixed that.... Figured that being this just wasn't my day already, I crossed my fingers and checked my tires as, why not? ..great time for a nail in the tire again? WHEW.... Lucked out there at least for now.... Let's see what happens tomorrow ::)
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Cuz said:
Yeah that doesn't sound like much fun at all.

I had my WHOA moment also. Last Friday I was driving down 218 which is a pretty nice ride usually. Well as i was riding along coming up to a turn some fool in a Toyota prius decided to take the turn wide and was completely into my lane... like all 4 tires in my lane... coming straight towards me. So I did what anybody would do... scream and hit the brakes and direct the bike towards the ditch... well the idiot finally realized what they were doing and swerved back into their lane and I somehow recovered and kept it on the road missing the car by maybe a foot. I could have smacked the window that’s how close there were.
Thats scary man. Glad to hear it turned out alright.
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