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Who's gonna make Stryker parts other than L&M

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Don't get me wrong L&M accessories are sick and look great but they have the market saturated with there parts and have us by the BALLS for the price. So who's gonna step up to the plate?
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I have some of the l&m products. Some are nice. Others are very ill fitting. Fortunately where I live no one else has a stryker. So everyone always complimenting me on my bike.
What do you mean by ill fitting?
To each his own. I appreciate L&M investing into the Stryker. Would be nice if more would just for the new ideas.
A variety of styles would be great just like the Harley guys have. Different ideas and styles are what we need for metric cruisers. I would like to see Roland Sands do a production of accessories for the Yamaha line.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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