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Who's got the earliest production Stryker?

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So, even though I'm a Stryker-newb, I'm willing to bet that I have one of the oldest (if not THE oldest) Stryker on this forum...

I have the 125th Stryker to roll off the line (or so the VIN decode says), produced in October 2010, and I'm her first owner.

So who's got an older one? =)
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You guys who are posted the dates you bought them, you missed the intent of my original question. I was asking about the production dates (to go hand in hand with the production number). If you look at the front of the frame, behind the triple clamps, there's a sticker with a date at the top of it.

For example, mine says 10/10. This means it was produced in October 2010. I didn't BUY it until July 2012, but I'm still the first owner. =) She sat lonely for a while.
Wow, Jeff, yours confuses me! lol

Your bike was produced a month before mine, but I have #125 and you have #333!
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