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Why I hate crotch rocket riders!

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So my wife and I and two other guys are riding down the highway minding our own business and enjoy the nice weather we are having today, when out of the blue some asshole dude on a ninja tries blowing off my left hand mirror at well over 100+ mph as he swerves over in front of us. Needless to say I did not see this dude till he passes me. It scared the **** out of all four of us. We tried to chase him down but lost him. Prob bout five miles down the road he turned back out on te highway in front of us pulling and riding a wheelie for bout a quarter of a mile then takes off again. The whole time he had his front tire in the air I was hoping a gust of wind would blow him over, cause if it did I would pull up beside him and told him he was a jackass then drive off.

I know many if you all are still sport bike owners an riders and I apologize for my comments. But I have no respect for asshole sport bike riders that do that ****.
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this dude intentionally did it cause our handle bars could of touched he got so close. Then he had the audacity turn back in front of us further down the road and show off more. I have plenty of friends that ride sport bikes, **** I used to ride them, and this is one of the reasons i quit riding them. I just dont get the point as to why assholes like this gotta do that dumb ****. I mean **** if they got a death wish **** go do it somewhere else where it dont endanger other people.
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