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Wife & I bought new bikes last week

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Last week I went to pickup & pay for my Stryker (2 months old, was traded in for a new car) I ended up buying my wife a new Ninja 650. In the last week I have put 550 miles on my Stryker, 150 miles on the Ninja 650 & maybe 100 miles on all our other bikes combined. Gotta take advantage of none rainy days in the NW.

Yesterday my wife, myself & some of my kids went on a 200 mile beach trip. It was an awesome ride except for about 30 seconds when a bee hit me in the face at 50mph, got stuck in my helmet and stung me in my right cheek before I could grab him. With my wife on the back of the Stryker we got 47mpg. My son & his girlfriend were on my wife's Ninja & got 57mpg.

I'm lovin the Stryker but the throttle does have some slop in the beginning so I've learned to ease the throttle for smooth exceleration but hopefully I can adjust that out. The shifter is too close in for my big feet so I will be fixing that soon. I only pegged it once on our 200 mile ride yesterday so I'm learning my leaning limits but it's so easy to peg the Stryker.

Mods: 1st thing I did was remove the stickers.

Future Mods:

* I have ordered a plate relocation bracket & plan on removing all below the tail light. Thanks UrbanRage for the post on that mod.
* Mustang seat
* Relocate rear pegs to make my long legged wife more comfy.
* Boulevard Windshield
* Cruiselite® Custom Soft Saddlebags
* Helmet locks

Here's our new additions.
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Great pair of bikes... me and my buddy when up to buy new bikes when I got mine. He got a Ninja 650 since hes new to riding and I got the stryker. only difference is his ninja is black and hes already laid it down. well i should say crashed it 75 feet down an embankment. He only went down about 10 feet and walked away with just minor road rash.

when they were new

after he put his down
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