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Wife & I bought new bikes last week

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Last week I went to pickup & pay for my Stryker (2 months old, was traded in for a new car) I ended up buying my wife a new Ninja 650. In the last week I have put 550 miles on my Stryker, 150 miles on the Ninja 650 & maybe 100 miles on all our other bikes combined. Gotta take advantage of none rainy days in the NW.

Yesterday my wife, myself & some of my kids went on a 200 mile beach trip. It was an awesome ride except for about 30 seconds when a bee hit me in the face at 50mph, got stuck in my helmet and stung me in my right cheek before I could grab him. With my wife on the back of the Stryker we got 47mpg. My son & his girlfriend were on my wife's Ninja & got 57mpg.

I'm lovin the Stryker but the throttle does have some slop in the beginning so I've learned to ease the throttle for smooth exceleration but hopefully I can adjust that out. The shifter is too close in for my big feet so I will be fixing that soon. I only pegged it once on our 200 mile ride yesterday so I'm learning my leaning limits but it's so easy to peg the Stryker.

Mods: 1st thing I did was remove the stickers.

Future Mods:

* I have ordered a plate relocation bracket & plan on removing all below the tail light. Thanks UrbanRage for the post on that mod.
* Mustang seat
* Relocate rear pegs to make my long legged wife more comfy.
* Boulevard Windshield
* Cruiselite® Custom Soft Saddlebags
* Helmet locks

Here's our new additions.
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