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Windshield/Batwing/Bullet Fairing

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I'm looking at getting some sort of windshield or fairing to take some of the wind off me for extended freeway riding.

I don't think a windshield is my favorite choice due to looks but they are definitely the easiest to come by. Batwings aren't really favorite either due to size. I like the look of bullet fairings but I can only find them in black which I'm not sure would look great with my bikes red body. Is there anyway I could find bullet fairings that are painted to match the red 2013 Stryker?

Any suggestions or things anyone else has done are appreciated. What are windshields you guys have used? I'm not totally against them, but I just think a lot of them look pretty ugly

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For any curious, I got the Memphis shades bullet fairing and like the look a lot!
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How is the wind with that windshield??
Honestly not too bad. I'm 6'1" and get some decent wind on my upper chest and head but I don't mind it. I personally like some wind though since I ride in San Diego and it's warm. I also have a nice helmet that blocks out enough wind noise so I can take calls and listen to music with good clarity even on the highway
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