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Worst ride to date and hopefully for life

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Coming home from San Antonio today on I-10 storms were all around but lucky didnt get wet. But did get caught in some 30 mph+ gust crosswinds in middle of nowhere. Ended up pulling over under an overpass to smoke a cig and rest my body. Few time thought I was gonna drag my pegs just to stay in my lane hehe. Didnt where I was at so road to seguin and stopped at store to wait for it to let up some and rest of ride was good to go.

But I did get some compliments on bike when stopped and was waiting so guess it wasnt all bad hehe.
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Yes them unexpected gusts are worse than anything other than a deer or cow or bear jumping out in front of you.

Or a man-bear-pig..........for those of you who watch SouthPark :D
They're real... I'm Serial... I'm super, super serial... Why won't anyone believe me? gosh...
Yeah, I love South Park!
You're my hero Adrenaline :thumb:
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