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Wow... you can tell its Fall close to winter

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just because no one is really talking about the riding. for the first time today i clicked on unread topics.. and only 3 populated. i have to admit, my bike is going in the shop tomorrow til hopefully March. i doubt i touch it, but just save money for the Cobra Air and Performance for spring break.

hope some members keep modding.. so i can have some ideas til then.. (mind you, i will be here daily thought)
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The weather has not been cold here in the Poconos where i am but the rain seems to never stop. Hoping I will get a few more rides in before the real cold sets in.

SFCMcGan, Get home safe. I spent 10 yrs in the Army. Kinda miss it but really don't. ;)
dliszews said:
Bozz,,,Poconos?, not really that far from you. Not that cold yet, but the wet leaves on the ground really suck. Oh well, it's ATV season.
Yea, wasn't thinking about the leaves. Seems like most of them just fell in the last couple of days. The roads will start to get dangerous real fast here, especially if they are wet. Hmm, was thinking about buying an ATV for the kids. Maybe it's time to get two of them... ;)
StrykenShane said:
high 30's in Atlanta today, didn't layer up enough, hit the road at daybreak, just had the feeling in my cajones return
Dam I feel lucky, it's 55 here.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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