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Wow... you can tell its Fall close to winter

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just because no one is really talking about the riding. for the first time today i clicked on unread topics.. and only 3 populated. i have to admit, my bike is going in the shop tomorrow til hopefully March. i doubt i touch it, but just save money for the Cobra Air and Performance for spring break.

hope some members keep modding.. so i can have some ideas til then.. (mind you, i will be here daily thought)
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high 30's in Atlanta today, didn't layer up enough, hit the road at daybreak, just had the feeling in my cajones return
TX.Stryker said:
yup, out here in NM mornings are getting pretty brisk (like low to mid 40s). i'm pretty geared up, just need to find some good gloves that don't cause too much loss of dexterity.
Try some snowmobile gloves. Might be hard to find in NM but I guess online always works. That is what I am wearing in MN. The are neoprene made by FXR.
great idea, just need something thin and warm, guess i could always wear my silk glove liners but I'd hate for anybody to see me wearing em, look like pantyhose for your hands, got em from Orvis
dliszews said:
Hmmmm....silk glove liners.....should we pursue this further??? :D
no, like midlife said, they don't make that much of a difference with wind, only when you're standing still, already inside warm, etc...
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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