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Xavier's Stryker - South East Pennsylvania - $10000 obo

2011 Yamaha Star Stryker. 92xx miles, subject to change. Willing to let go for the pay off amount. Hate to do it but life has more important things on my plate right now.

Meticulously maintained, still under factory warranty for a few months and also eligible for extended factory warranty purchase before the factory warranty expires.

70% of miles are highway miles as I had a one-way trip to work of 60 miles.

Oil was changed every 3000 miles and filled with Amsoil motorcycle oil and a quality oil filter.

The bike is currently fitted with an "oversized" 240 rear tire. The 240 brings the factory speedometer error in check and also, in my opinion, aids the handling.

Also, I started painting most of the chrome trim black. There are various parts that are still chrome such as the headlight housing and the mirrors, though. These were not professionally painted, just rattle canned by myself.

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