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You all might want to check these for proper torque

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While working on my bike thursday night, I noticed my front fender was not centered with front tire. So as I was moving handle bars from right to left, I noticed centerline of front fender moving from left to right on the center of tire. So I am like WTF!! I looked front forks over and thought well maybe fork tubes are loose in upper and lower brackets! YEP YEP YEP, All the pinch bolts were barely tight. so I held handle bars straight (and this is when tire and fender centerlines matched up also), and tightened the upper and lower bracket pinch bolts. Lower bolts are 32 ft. lbs, and uppers are 13 ft. lbs. . Problem solved. Thought that maybe you guys with the L&M reaper fender may be having the same problems with tire hitting fender at certain times. Worth checking into!!
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I will have to check these when I get home from southwest asia.

**ADMIN** think you could make a sticky or something for tips like these. I know quite a few people have noticed little odds and ends that should be checked but they aren't unless you are working on it or in the general area...

I beleive people have mentioned things sush as, caliper bolts, exhuast manifold bolts, now the bolt on the forks..

Just a thought
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