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You won't beleive this!!!!

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So, I was on my way to my second job today. Just cruising behind a car about 50-60 feet while going about 65-70 mph. My music was playing, awesome mood, and then it begins... the dude puts on his windshied washer and F***ing soak me... I was wtf, well maybe his window was dirty and he really just didn't put any thought into it.. then I thought ok, maybe my headlight is blinding him through his drivers side door mirror. So I move over the passenger side and slow down a little bit. The road goes into two lanes and I was gonna pass him and continue on my way. So he speeds up so he is beside another car so I can't pass. At this time I start getting really pissed off... Well about 2 miles up the road it goes into one lane again.... Well the guy mashes his brakes and I end blowing by him the breakdown lane.. of course showing him that he is number one. He frigin speeds up and and get about no **** 2 feet from my fender.. I look back and just wave him to come on hit me a**hole... So I again hit the throttle and get two car ahead of him... This guy passes these two cars, gets next to me and starts to pushes me into on coming traffic, I end up standing on my pegs and drive my foot into his window. Well he ends up following me to my job, I get off my bike, rip my helmet off and the yelling begins, my boss comes out tells me to come inside, the gets in his car and flips me off. I chased him down in the parking and went to open his door, but he locked it... which was actually a good thing and saved me from assault charges.... but seriously if I wasn't in the military and didn't have alot to loose I would have smashed his face in with my helemt. I am really glad I wasn't carrying today, because I probley would have shot him..lol.. F***in guy... OOHHHH it gets me so mad just thinking about

Ok.enough with my ranting and raving..
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I can't believe that actually happens! I guess I'm just so trusting that I would never think that people actually do things like that!
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